Training, experience and state-of-the-art equipment.

I am a Swiss dental hygienist who trained and qualified in Bern. I have amassed more than 20 years of practice, which has allowed me to acquire extensive experience. In recent years, I have been practising in Ticino and at two major dental clinics in the canton of Zurich, in order to improve my skills and keep myself constantly up to date with the most advanced technology.

I work with precision and a gentle handy, and have a strong sense of responsibility towards the patient. This has allowed me to gain the trust even of those patients who have had traumatising experiences in the past.

I welcome my patients in a relaxing environment and the techniques I use are pleasant and painless. You will discover that a visit to a dental hygienist doesn’t have to be something to fear.

In addition to the standard dental hygiene service, I also perform all the various state-of-the-art whitening procedures on request.

Knowing several languages facilitates my communication with patients. In addition to Italian, I also speak German, English, French and Croatian fluently.

I am available for you at the offices in Lugano, St. Moritz and Zurich, where a dazzling smile awaits you.

A smile

A smile costs nothing but gives a lot,

and enriches the recipient without costing the giver anything.

It only lasts an instant,

but its impact can last a lifetime.

No one is too rich to do without it

and no one is too poor not to deserve it.

A smile brings joy to the home and is a great asset in business.

A smile is the most obvious sign of friendship.

A smile gives rest to those who are tired,

and it encourages and consoles those who are sad.

It’s the natural antidote to all pain.

It cannot be compensated, loaned or stolen.

It’s something that has value only when you give it.

If someone doesn’t offer you the smile you deserve,

be generous and offer your own smile,

because no one needs a smile more than someone

who doesn’t know how to give one to others.