The same dental hygienist can welcome you in Lugano, St. Moritz and Zurich.


This is now possible with Tatjana Horvat, a highly experienced professional who is always up to date in the use of the most innovative techniques.

Correct and thorough cleaning of your teeth and mouth is the key to a perfect, healthy smile.

To achieve white and shiny teeth, you need the services of a professional who, in addition to explaining how to follow a proper daily oral hygiene routine, is able to conduct a careful clinical analysis and regular removal of accumulated tartar and plaque.


My name is Tatjana Horvat, and I am a Swiss-trained dental hygienist. I consult patients by appointment at the office of Dr. Marschalko in Lugano and at Swiss Smile in St. Moritz and Zurich. I ensure that you enjoy excellent oral hygiene and can give you a dazzling smile with dental bleaching treatments.

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